Responding to the hybrid nature of contemporary art, the Nicolas Lemmens Studio has developed a unique multidisciplinary approach, only made possible by the cross-fertilization of the different backgrounds and skills within the team. This availability of diverse expertise allows our Studio to undertake complex projects which others would find impossible to accept. We are proud to introduce to you one of the most qualified teams working in conservation of contemporary art today :
Nicolas Lemmens Directeur

Nicolas Lemmens


After receiving his diploma in painting conservation at the University of Barcelona | UAB (Spain), Nicolas specialized in modern and contemporary art conservation.

He began his career as a conservator in 1989 at the Studio Jesús Marull in Barcelona. He then participated in the creation of the conservation departments of IVAM | Institute Valencià of Modern Art and of the Foundation Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona.
In 1997 he opened his own practice in Brussels, the first conservation studio specializing in contemporary art in Belgium. From 1997 until 2000, he worked as a conservator for the Musée d’Art Moderne de Belgique.

Today, Nicolas also regularly intervenes in the establishment of condition reports before acquisition of artworks for renowned private collections.

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Fanny Mélin Chef d'Atelier

Fanny Mélin

Studio Manager / Painting Conservator

Fanny studied painting conservation at IFAPME (Belgium). She acquired her work experience within private conservation studios such as Conservart before entering the Nicolas Lemmens Studio in 2008. She wrote her Master’s thesis on problems met by conservators facing ephemeral materials in modern and contemporary art.

She established her research across a case study of an artwork made of chocolate by the artist Kelley Walker that led to a protocol of interventions, which she is still developing even today. For 3 years now, she has been conducting research into the reintegration of tinted polyester resins in the works of Alina Szapocznikow.

Collaboration with the artists, a multidisciplinary approach and many challenges met in contemporary art are so many arguments that allow her to feel that this specialization is one which is in constant mutation.

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Francesca Schneider Condition Report

Francesca Schneider

Preventive conservation / Painting Conservator

After her MA graduation in Painting Conservation at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden | HfBK Dresden (Germany), Francesca worked for different federal institutions, such as the Nationalgalerie Berlin | Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage (Germany) and KIK-IRPA | Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, and private institutions such as BOZAR | Centre for Fine Arts Brussels and SRAL | Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg.

Because of her work in museums, she takes a great interest in preventive conservation.
 Evaluation of conservation and exhibition conditions, protection, storage, transport, specific packing, … there are many challenges to meet in contemporary art.

Her current project consists of providing new types of condition reports.

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Aurélie Compère Restauratrice Matières Plastiques

Aurélie Compère

Plastics Conservator / ceramics and glass conservator

Aurélie holds a Master’s in contemporary art conservation from ESA | Saint-Luc Liège (Belgium). She specializes in plastics and glass. During her studies, she analyzed the parallels between glass and PMMA (Plexiglas) restoration techniques. She wrote her Master’s thesis and several papers on PMMA adhesive bonding issues, based on a case study of the works of Martha Boto.

Aurélie has worked for both public and private institutions, including C2RMF, insurance companies, and private collectors in France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Since 2015, she’s been leading a workshop on polymer conservation and restoration at ESA | Saint-Luc Liège.

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Sven Laurent Photographe

Sven Laurent


Awarded a diploma by the Agnès Varda School of Photography in Brussels, Sven is specialized in exhibition documentation and the realization of reference images in contemporary art.

Known for the precision and quality of his work, Sven collaborates with many actors in the world of art such as institutions, museums, galleries, artists and conservation studios.

Beyond his photographic skills, his expertise in colorimetry and interest in new technologies encourage him to continuously explore new techniques in order to respond to the demand for art documentation in the most complex environments.

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